Incredible things can happen when people let the love in their hearts do the work. Over the last few days I was fortunate to be involved with the Un-Day Fund Live Music Event on SL. To tell you the truth it was probably the most intense work Ive ever done at a computer screen in a long time and some of you will know what I mean if you’ve ever been on SL with 7 IMs going , two inventory windows open, 1 TP coming in, 3 note cards being dropped on you, accidentally clicking the edit window open all within 2 minuets while you had originally just set out to send a notice to your group. I’m not kidding this is what a lot of it was like at times. However, I loved every minuet of it! The love in my heart was doing the work because I know I couldn’t have done it without that feeling inside me keeping me focused, that desire to help that I talked about in my last post.

Every bit of the early morning dizzy tired unable to type another word feeling was absolutely worth it because along with about 70 other people in second life we were able to pull off the most amazing nonstop 32 back to back live music artist 35 hour concert the metaverse has ever seen! Most importantly we were able to raise a fairly large sum of real world money to donate to Thrombosis research and we built a community powered by love. It’s pretty cool how it all came together too …..but I’m tired now (after about 8 hours total sleep in 3 days and nights) and will tell you a little about it in another post I’m planning to sleep for a good 9 hours now.This will be a very good sleep!


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