Groups and Stings housewarming

The 25 group limit on Second life really bugs me!   When I first arrived in  SL I couldn’t understand why anyone needed all these groups but no I wish  it was unlimited.  Of course wishing doesn’t work to well so maybe ill just keep sending my comments out to Lindens and they can  help us somehow, some day.  Sting Rhode sent out notices for his housewarming party on Saturday  and many of his fans at sailors cove didn’t even know about it because they are not in his group.  I just happened to be in it and when I logged in (late I wasn’t on SL most of Saturday afternoon) I jumped on over to his party where I found him playing to a crowd of friends and fans.  Great Job Sting awesome set!   Well I quickly realized that most of the sailors cove fans were on line but now where to be seen at the party so I put out the word and the began showing up ( you guys are great! Joja, Gospeed … etc.) even PaisleyBeebe came y for a bit between crashes!  After Sting tuckered out and put on some tunes I went in his house to look around and notices Ohmy Kidd logged in so I asked him if he would like to come and play for us…. checked with sting and 10 min later while after Ohmy loaded his laundry in RL we had him on stage in honer of Stings new House!   What a show Ohmy we had a great time!

Hey everyone check out Frogg Marlow on MTV


One response to “Groups and Stings housewarming

  • jojamelasoon

    Delinda, you’re just about the most adorable person I’ve ever met! Thank you so much for the invite to Sting’s party. Unfortunately, I can’t join all the artist groups (cause I certainly would) so having a friend send an invite to such a special event is most appreciated. Thank you for everything you do!!

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